Frequently asked Questions

Why buy from Photocycles?

What are your prices?

What is an ilfochrome print?
How do I order a print?
How long will it take to get my order. How are they packed?
What is your guarantee and return policy?
Your galleries are quite small, what if I don't see the shot I want?

Why buy from Photocycles ?

Good question, though I am obviously not the best person to answer this.
I firmly believe that my photography is of the highest professional standard, a good test of this is the amount of work I have had used in magazines and advertising media - this particular market is a highly competitive, cut throat business, its a true litmus test.
If an image of a subject is under the loupe on an editors lightbox, and a brighter more imaginative example is only inches beside from a rival snapper, then the best shots always win hands down.
If there is one Journal that prides itself on its presentation it is the world renowned MOTOCOURSE annual from Hazleton publications, I am proud to say that my images from the TT have featured every year since 1990.
what type of prints do you offer?

We now offer two types of print - ILFOCHROME, is a "traditional" type print where the transparency is projected onto the paper and chemically developed.
These are the same type of prints used in fine art galleries and museums as image sharpness and colour saturation is exceptional, they are meant for display purposes and will resist fading better than normal photographs which can lose saturation under bright lighting.

Thanks to advances in hardware we are totally committed to digital technology - The DIGITAL PRINTS we can supply ( from 2004 onwards) are taken with top of the range Canon digital bodies, the prints (up to A3 - 19" x 13" high gloss finish) are processed by a pro spec inkjet printer.
These produce a "cleaner" less contrasty image the "ILFOCHROMES" taken from a slide transparency, some people even prefer digital, and they are that good that when mounted it can be hard to tell the difference.
How do I order a print?

To order a print please email us with your request (click here for prices) giving the year and description of photo and size quantity needed along with your full postal address.

Payment is by cheque or postal order only, we are unable to offer online ordering by credit cards.
How long will it take to get my order. How are they packed?

Please allow up to 18 days for delivery after your request has been received and validated by return email.
All photographs are sent by registered post in sturdy cardboard tubes, or for smaller prints, packed between strong card.

What is your guarantee and return policy?

If for any reason you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, we shall accept their return if sent back to us in the perfect condition that they were dispatched.
you must use our packaging in which to return photos, then a * full refund will be made.
*we cannot refund any postal charges.

Your galleries are quite small, what if I don't see the shot I want?

We have kept the galleries small so as to improve the download time, they are only a tiny selection of the shots available.
If you have a particular picture request then please fill in the request form with your precise details.
we will search our files posting up any of the corresponding results on a hidden page to which we will email you the password.